08 Apr 2016

Wladimir Klitschko is a PIE! [VIDEO] #FuryKlitschko

Today was the announcement of the Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko rematch taking place in Manchester, UK on July 9th. Watch the video to find out why I call Wladimir Klitschko a pie!

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06 Apr 2016

Is Charles Martin on Crack? [VIDEO] #MartinJoshua

As boxing fans from time to time we are just excited about the next potential big fight and on rare occasions like in this situation with Charles Martin defending his title against Anthony Joshua, we get handed a massive fight with no delay and no questions asked. The question is…Is Charles Martin on crack? Watch the video.

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03 Apr 2016

Joshua Hits Back at Martin and Fury!

During the build up to the massive heavyweight title fight, Anthony Joshua has taken a lot of slack from both heavyweight champions Tyson Fury and Charles Martin. Fury has recently ripped the undefeated challenger in regards to his overall boxing ability and both champions have mentioned Joshua’s bodybuilding physique as if it’s a negative. Joshua finally hits back at both!

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27 Mar 2016

Nick Blackwell In Induced Coma Post Horrific Loss To Eubank Jr Last Night.

There’s no doubt that Blackwell is a tough competitor which he proved on Saturday night in the title bout against Eubank Jr after repeatedly taking big uppercuts from start to finish and the pair even earned each other’s respect post fight. However, the referee should have pulled Nick out a good two-three rounds earlier in the majority opinions of the viewers on Saturday night.

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26 Mar 2016

Anthony Joshua Plans To Get ‘Aggressive’ With Charles Martin On April 9th.

With arguably the biggest test of his career set on April 9th 2016, Joshua recently said that he plans to take Charles Martin into uncomfortable waters to make the IBF world champion title fight as unpredictable as possible. In a recent interview with Sky Sports the undefeated heavyweight said:

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24 Mar 2016

British Boxing Fans May Get To Witness Wladimir Get His Ass Whooped In England!

That’s right…British boxing fans, we may get the opportunity to watch Tyson Fury beat the dog faeces out of Wladimir Klitscho, AGAIN! According to Boxingnewsonline.net, in an exclusive interview between promotor Mick Hennessy and George Gigney it was revealed that the rematch could be taking place in England.

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