04 Apr 2016

Nick Blackwell is Awake and Doing Just Fine!

On Saturday 26th March the ex-British middleweight champion suffered a bleed on the brain following his title defence fight with Chris Eubank Jr where he was later induced into a coma. It has just been announced that Blackwell is now awake and speaking.

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27 Mar 2016

Nick Blackwell In Induced Coma Post Horrific Loss To Eubank Jr Last Night.

There’s no doubt that Blackwell is a tough competitor which he proved on Saturday night in the title bout against Eubank Jr after repeatedly taking big uppercuts from start to finish and the pair even earned each other’s respect post fight. However, the referee should have pulled Nick out a good two-three rounds earlier in the majority opinions of the viewers on Saturday night.

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26 Mar 2016

Chris Eubank Jr MUST Beat Nick Blackwell Or Retire From Boxing!

We’ve heard of trash talking and over-confidence in pre-fight press conferences and interviews but Eubank Jr continues to take the title for the best speaker in boxing which is not in the slightest influenced by Chris Eubank Sr.

During a recent interview with Fight Hype, Eubank Jr briefly explains the exchange of words during the intense face off between the pair.

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