Nick Blackwell is Awake and Doing Just Fine!

On Saturday 26th March the ex-British middleweight champion suffered a bleed on the brain following his title defence fight with Chris Eubank Jr where he was later induced into a coma. It has just been announced that Blackwell is now awake and speaking.

The tough Brit from Wiltshire took Eubank Jr into the 10th round before the referee called the ring-side doctor in to take a look at the huge swelling above Blackwell’s left eye leading to the stoppage. Nick was then taken out of the arena on a stretcher and given oxygen before being taken to the hospital where he was induced into a coma.

A recent article from Boxing News Online has informed us that Nick Blackwell had woken from his coma on Saturday 2nd April 2016 and on the Sunday began speaking with family members and friends.

The recent incident had sparked lots of controversy as to whether the sport should be banned but no outcome has yet been announced. This is however a reminder of how dangerous the sport can be and recently boxing promoter Eddie Hearn said that fighters should be paid more for the sport.

“It’s a side of the sport that you don’t get to see that much of anymore because of the improvements that have been made by the British boxing board of control. But, it’s a brutal sport and injuries are going to happen and unfortunately…it happened to Nick Blackwell,” said Eddie Hearn.

Eddie Hearn interview

Eddie Hearn interview

“This is why fighters absolutely deserve all the ‘spoils’ of the sport…Fighters sometimes don’t get the respect they deserve. They sometimes don’t get the money they deserve, they’re treated like bits of meat sometimes.” – Full video interview here.

It’s not yet evident as to when or if Nick Blackwell will return to the ring but as boxing fans, we’re all supportive and happy that he seems to be doing well!

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