Nick Blackwell In Induced Coma Post Horrific Loss To Eubank Jr Last Night.

There’s no doubt that Blackwell is a tough competitor which he proved on Saturday night in the title bout against Eubank Jr after repeatedly taking big uppercuts from start to finish and the pair even earned each other’s respect post fight. However, the referee should have pulled Nick out a good two-three rounds earlier in the majority opinions of the viewers on Saturday night.

We saw a build-up of bad blood between Nick Blackwell and Chris Eubank Jr in the pre-fight stages and needed no further warning that the bout would probably not go the full distance however, we could have never predicted that the referee would let a fight continue under the circumstances.

The former middle-weight champion showed true heart from the opening rounds, soaking up countless blows by Eubank Jr but towards the mid-rounds suffered an uncontrollable nose-bleed.

Nick Blackwell suffering uncontrollable nose-bleed against Chris Eubank Jr.

Nick Blackwell suffering uncontrollable nose-bleed against Chris Eubank Jr.

At the end of round number 7 we heard Blackwell’s corner ask:

“Do you like taking these uppercuts from him?”

It was clear that the brave-hearted Nick Blackwell was unprepared for the “fireworks” that Eubank Jr told us about prior to the fight. We even heard Chris Eubank Sr in the corner at the end of round number 8 totally confused as to why the referee hadn’t already stopped the fight and advised Eubank Jr to go for the stoppage and finish the fight now. He said:

“Don’t leave it to the ref!”

It wasn’t until the 10th round that the referee decided to ask for the Doctor’s opinion after noticing a large swelling over the left eye of Blackwell and the fight was stopped. Good call, even though it was a very, very late one! During the post fight interviews, WBO middle-weight champion Billy Joe Saunders even added that the fight could have been stopped a few rounds earlier. Challenger and now the new British middleweight champion Chris Eubank Jr, during his post-fight interview said:

“I hit him with some big shots, maybe the referee should have stopped the fight earlier.”

Nick Blackwell On The Canvas post defeat to Chris Eubank Jr.

Nick Blackwell On The Canvas post defeat to Chris Eubank Jr.

Blackwell eventually left the ring on a stretcher and given oxygen while being accompanied by the medical Doctor and later we received updates that he was being sent to hospital. We have now learned that the working diagnosis is a bleeding on the brain and Nick is now in an induced coma.

British Boxing Board of Control general secretary Robert Smith said:

“It is our understanding that Nick has a bleed on the brain and is under observation by hospital staff. We will just have to wait and see what the hospital says.”

While Eubank Jr emerges victorious and now holds the British middleweight title, all attention is on the welfare of Blackwell. The New champion even re-tweeted a tweet from heavyweight champion Tyson Fury saying:

“Will you all pray for @nickblackwell02 please ASAP as he has been taken to hospital, God be with him.”

Chris Eubank Jr, the new Britsh Middle-weight Champion.

Chris Eubank Jr, the new Britsh Middle-weight Champion.

Although we know that referee’s aren’t exactly medical doctors, I do feel that after around 2-3 rounds of non-stop nose-bleeding and constantly taking powerful shots, the referee should have stopped the fight, or at least the Doctor at ringside. Questionable competence!

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