Kell Brook v Adrien Broner?

Adrien Broner got an easy victory last night when he defeated Ashley Theophane in a pretty one-sided fight although the stoppage was questionable. Today however, Kell Brook sent out a tweet in regards to a potential match up against Broner.

During Broner’s post-fight interview he expressed that he is unhappy with Floyd Mayweather for disrespecting him and vows that the pair are to meet and “get it on” whether in sparring or in a fight. When asked what is next for the fighter, Broner replied:

“Ya’ll probably know about this, somebody that I look up, somebody that I admire took the chance to do an interview and talk all bad about me. Now I don’t know how ya’ll look at it but I don’t like it and I weren’t gon’ do this but I’m a man that learns sh*t from physical activity so, me and Floyd…He gotta see me!”

He then went on to remind us of how ghetto he is/was and tell us about how he used to eat corn flakes and water which I didn’t think was wise as if he’d had been on THAT diet, he’d have made the weight and not had his belt stripped! It was the following sentence that really got the crowd’s reaction…

Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner

“I come from nothing and I will never let a man disrespect me like that so he gotta see me, I don’t care if we spar or we fight but let’s get it on.”

As tough as Broner sounded during the interview, Floyd’s reaction completely watered down his whole gangster appearance on the microphone. Though the thought did cross my mind that perhaps this was Mayweather’s plan all along, to come back and have fight number 50 which of course would yield a HUGE payday for both fighters (big bro and little bro), the thought of Broner losing again to big brother or not would surely hurt his ego and his future record sales as to be a successful rapper, you have to be tough, right?

Kell Brook v Adrien Broner on the other hand would be a great fight! Brook is looking for a huge fight for summer 2016 and Broner I doubt would turn down someone calling him out. I now urge boxing fans to retweet Kell’s tweet so hopefully we can get the fight this year!

Personally, I fancy Brook to win by unanimous decision if not, late stoppage. Who do you fancy to win and how?

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