Joshua Looking Forward to Briggs Treatment!

A video discussion between Shannon Briggs and Eddie Hearn revealed that Anthony Joshua was a fan of Briggs and more recently, Joshua has come out and openly said that he is a fan and is expecting similar treatment that both Klitscho and Haye have received.

A video recently surfaced of the ex two-time heavyweight champion of the world bursting into David Haye’s press conference to call him out and question his opponent. This act has made Joshua believe that a potential fight could actually happen between the pair, especially now that Briggs has actually passed his MRI brain scan as requested by Haye.

“He’s been a heavyweight world champion and I am sure he’ll get another go – if he keeps barking at the right person, someone is going to bite back. I think Haye will probably fight him.”

 Joshua is expecting a similar treatment from Briggs ahead of his world tittle fight against Charles Martin on April 9th. Joshua has a media workout, press conference and weigh-in coming up in during the fight week and is looking forward to meeting the former world heavyweight champion.

Shannon Briggs press conference.

Shannon Briggs press conference.

When Sky Sports asked if he is a Briggs fan, he said:

“100 per cent… Let’s go champ! Slyly I am… very slyly. I hope he turns up and I hope he’ll bring me a t-shirt as well! He is the ultimate entertainer. He reminds me of my dad; he’s old-school, confident, still trying to keep in there.”

This is the first time boxing fans can expect another fighter to openly welcome the treatment that comes with Shannon Briggs but let’s hope Anthony Joshua will maintain his calm personality when he really does turn up to ruin what would potentially be a well structured press conference with Charles Martin.

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