Joshua Hits Back at Martin and Fury!

During the build up to the massive heavyweight title fight, Anthony Joshua has taken a lot of slack from both heavyweight champions Tyson Fury and Charles Martin and has decided enough is enough.

Fury has recently ripped the undefeated challenger in regards to his overall boxing ability and both champions have mentioned Joshua’s bodybuilding physique as if it’s a negative.

“Joshua can’t box. No, he doesn’t have a jab. Yes, his movement is terrible and he’s wide open with no idea how to defend himself.

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury

“His footwork is hopeless. The only time he’s been hit hard in his professional career, that shot by Dillian Whyte in his last fight, it would have been all over if he had been in there with a big heavyweight who knew how to finish. This game is not all about body-building. It’s about knowing how to box. He’s getting knocked out.”

Similarly, IBF heavyweight champion Charles Martin had a few words to say about his challenger on a number of occasions during his Sky Sports interviews.

Charles Martin interview

Charles Martin interview

“I’m a killer inside the ring. I’m not worried or afraid of muscles and big people, I come from the streets in St. Louis, having to fight every day as a kid.”

Though it’s questionable as to whether both heavyweight champions see Joshua’s huge bodybuilding frame as a threat, at least they both acknowledge his hard work in the gym! In another interview, the 29 year old said;

“He’s got big muscles and he’s going to get tired. This whole camp better be him trying to lean up because with all those muscles, he’ll be tired. Charles Martin doesn’t get tired. Joshua is top-heavy with skinny legs. He’ll get tired and then he’ll make the mistake.”

Anthony Joshua on the other hand sees nothing wrong with his physique and believes both Tyson Fury and Charles Martin both envy his accomplishments.

Anthony Joshua training legs.

Anthony Joshua training legs.

“Those boys are haters, they wish they had six-packs like me. As an athlete, you should be fighting fit. That’s what you train for. I don’t get what it is to look out of shape, as if it’s the new thing in ­boxing – like a slab of meat.

Charles Martin and Tyson Fury "Slabs of Meat"?

Charles Martin and Tyson Fury “Slabs of Meat”?

“What’s wrong with these guys? They should get themselves in good condition and stop being so jealous,” said Joshua.

 Fury has been right with his past predictions on boxing fights so will Charles Martin really pull off the upset? Or, will Anthony Joshua’s muscles help him get a knockout inside 12 rounds? Let me know in the comment section below!

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