Confirmed, David Haye Fighting Another Walley!

Former heavyweight Champion David Haye will take on another unknown but undefeated challenger, Arnold Gjergjaj on May 21.

Remember back in November 15 when we heard David Haye was making a comeback? Remember the excitement? Then we heard he was fighting Mark de Mori…beg your pardon? Who? Yep, now we have a version 2.0 with the announcement of Haye (you know you’re known when you can just put someones second) vs Arnold ‘The Cobra’ Gjergjaj (trust me, if I knew his middle name and address I’d post it so someone who knows this guy could come forward and share some information!).

Looking at his record, he does appear to have a high knockout percentage with 29 bouts, 21 of which have come by way of knockout but all bouts other than one are all with fighters from Switzerland. I did however search for any video footage I could find and though he does have some reasonably impressive knockout footage, this guy appears really small in comparison to Haye.

'Unknown' Arnold Gjergjaj

‘Unknown’ Arnold Gjergjaj

On paper it appears David Haye has found himself another cornish pasty to knockout within 2 rounds to look good in front of the fans at Hayeday2 but do we need another reminder that Haye is a good, strong boxer? Although Haye doesn’t have any belts and has been completely inactive since his comeback, it is evident that he still does have a name with clout so surely he can pull himself a bigger named fight. Of course, the goal is to get a big PPV fight with Anthony Joshua but are these no-named opponents good enough to be considered warmup fights?

On a positive note, David Haye has promised to donate 10 percent of ticket sales from his fight against Arnold Gjergjaj to Nick Blackwell.

The 25-year-old is still in an induced coma since collapsing at the end of Saturday’s British middleweight title defeat by Chris Eubank Jr. Haye said:

“There was an amazing fight that happened on Saturday night between Chris Eubank Jr and Nick Blackwell, watched by millions, but I’m sure everyone is aware of the very unfortunate circumstances surrounding Nick Blackwell’s health, he’s unfortunately been induced into a coma.”

Glad to see the gentleman in David Haye in such circumstances and it would also be nice to see him fight some bigger, tougher opponents. I fancy Haye vs Briggs myself but hey, it’s just my opinion, keep fighting clowns if you want to!

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