Chris Eubank Jr MUST Beat Nick Blackwell Or Retire From Boxing!

We’ve heard of trash talking and over-confidence in pre-fight press conferences and interviews but Eubank Jr continues to take the title for the best speaker in boxing which is not in the slightest influenced by Chris Eubank Sr.

During a recent interview with Fight Hype, Eubank Jr briefly explains the exchange of words during the intense face off between the pair. He states:

“Blackwell is a fairly solid fighter but his technique, his skills, what he brings into the ring is not enough to compete with the fireworks that I’m going to putting on him.”

What I find most hilarious about this interview, other than the fact that his choice of words sound pretty much identical to when he fought Billy Joe Saunders back in 2014 but, rather his reply when asked what he thought about Blackwell saying something along the lines of “I’m going to bring it to you in the first round.” Eubank Jr replied:

“He meant what he said, you know. He’s gonna come out and swing for the fences in the first round. That’s what he tells me, but you know, someone talking before a fight and somebody actually getting in there and doing it is two different things.”

Nick Blackwell face off with Chris Eubank Jr.

Nick Blackwell face off with Chris Eubank Jr.

He then went on to say that he believes Blackwell is hiding his true feelings which is fear. Now, the thing is…for one, as stated above this sounds identical to pre-fight interviews in regards to his fight with Billy Joe and secondly, Eubank Jr ended up losing that fight despite the convincing talk beforehand.

Should he perhaps take his own advice in this situation regarding ‘talking before a fight’? Although I feel Chris is a really talented young fighter and no doubt is one of the best in the division, if he happens to lose this fight, he’ll definitely need to be looking for a career in TV presenting of something as two losses post big convincing pre-fight talk is super embarrassing and will definitely diminish his near perfect record.

But hey, this is just my advice! Keep on talking before fights if you want to, go in there with your slick haircut and try and look good fighting if you want to. But, whatever you do, tonight…


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