Brook still chasing big PPV fight with Khan after bizier!

Kell Brook is set to face Kevin Bizier tomorrow night (Saturday 26th March 2016) to defend his welterweight world title but is still pursuing big pay-per-view fight with Amir Khan and insists, Amir has “unfinished business” with the welterweight division.

Although Brook has been inactive in the past 10 months since his fight with Frankie Gavin, currently the undefeated champion with 35 victories wants to prove he’s the best in his weight range. In regards to his up-coming fight with Kevin Bizier the champion said;

“I need to go in there and show why I am the champion. I believe I am the best welterweight on the planet. I want to show the world I am the best and ready for the big, big fights.”

While Brook may feel that going in the ring and dominating the fight will get him the bigger fights, I think he’s forgetting the fact that it’s likely Amir ducked that fight initially as it was too risky for the pay-check, as it were! Though Khan has a huge fight coming up, Brook say’s he doesn’t want his career to be over post his fight with Canelo Alvarez on May 7th 2016.

“I think I’ve seen he said he has unfinished business with the welterweights. I think he will move back down and mix it with us at welterweight. Me and Khan gets talked about a lot because we are both from Britain and our history and the bad blood that exists between us.”

Let’s hope Khan eventually does take this fight as I’m sure it would be exciting but in all honesty, other than the speed Amir has, he’d have a lot of problems dealing with Brook’s all round boxing skills. It’s a shame though, Kell Brook is starting to look a bit like a desperate housewife desperate. Dude, get Bizier out of the way then look at the other options and wait for hubby khan to come back to you.

But hey, it’s just my advice…do whatever works for you, I guess!

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