British Boxing Fans May Get To Witness Wladimir Get His Ass Whooped In England!

That’s right…British boxing fans, we may get the opportunity to watch Tyson Fury beat the dog faeces out of Wladimir Klitscho, AGAIN! According to, in an exclusive interview between promotor Mick Hennessy and George Gigney it was revealed that the rematch could be taking place in England.

“Negotiations are going very well for it to be in this country [England] in July. It’s looking like July in the UK. It’s a stadium fight. That’s all I can say for now.” – Read the full article here.

While we don’t have a guaranteed date scheduled it sounds more than likely that we’ll be getting that huge fight over here. I mean, after all, Wladimir mate…you’ve already been embarrassed in your own back garden so it makes sense for you to attempt to do the same to Tyson right? Although this time I recommend you sport another colour than that outdated ‘lucky’ red and find a new fighting strategy for Fury or, simply just come out swinging this time around.

But hey, it’s just my opinion! Wear those same red shorts again if you want, make your ring appearance with that stern look on your face in an attempt to scare Tyson again if you want and see how you get along, I guess! All I ask is that before you decide to retire (which I assume will be after your next loss), please sort out that beef you have with Shannon Briggs.


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