Better Late Than Never, Ward and Barrera Finally Face Off!

It appears with just hours to go until the fight, we’re finally getting some press coverage and a face off!

As a huge fan of Andre Ward, I have to say that I am extremely disappointed with the lack of press this fight has had and considering it’s a big step for Ward moving up in weight class and challenging a known big puncher, Sullivan Barrera, this fight really did deserve more exposure. This is a tweet posted by Roc Nation 12 hours ago:

Roc Nation Post

“Get tix to tomorrows fight” Still Available!?

On a positive note, Ward looks like he’s in good shape at 174.8lbs for this fight although it is still evident that Barrera is the bigger man. Barrera has a lot to prove and will be making a big name for himself if he comes out victorious and in countless interviews he has said that his power is superior to Ward’s and that he believes he’ll hurt him. Recently in an interview he said:

“I’m stronger than Ward. I have the Cuban background and I learned a lot of skills there. More than anything, the determination to overcome anything in front of me will help me defeat Ward on March 26. Once I am in the ring, it’s my house. I’m not really a guy that has to look for a knockout. My boxing skills speak for themselves. I am fighting Andre Ward and fighting here in Oakland, so I don’t think a decision will be rendered in my favour.”

While I’m not entirely sure what cloud Sullivan thinks he’s on, I am pretty certain that he’ll be in for a surprise. Yes, he is strong and a big power puncher but even a jab from Ward is considered a power punch so Barrera will be exiting this fight with a battered face for sure. Ward also has his sight on undefeated light-heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev which will ensure a big pay-cheque and you know what they say…never try to get in the way of a man and his money! Ward recently said:

“If I don’t win this fight, there’s nothing down the road. If I don’t win this fight, I don’t deserve to fight for the title. That’s the reality of my situation.”

The mega prize fight between Ward and Kovalev has already been amongst the most talk about potential fights scheduled for later in 2016 and a loss to Barrera tonight could see that fight not happening and Barrera challenging Kovalev instead as a result. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the results are tonight but if I was a gambling man, I’d bet my left testicle that Ward will win this fight on points by unanimous decision. 

P.S. UK viewers can watch the fight on Sky TV, Virgin Media, Talk Talk, Freeview or online via Boxing Nation! Congratulations to Andre Ward in advance (please don’t make me have to delete this sentence tomorrow!).

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