02 Sep 2016

“Cancel Pacquiao Vargas!”

Manny Pacquiao’s highly anticipated return fight against Jessie Vargas hasn’t left the greatest impression on fight fans! Pacquiao is set to return to the ring for his quote-on-quote highly anticipated comeback fight against Jessie Vargas on November 5th 2016. While I do believe the fight will be interesting given Vargas’

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27 Aug 2016

Is Canelo A P*SSY? #CaneloSmith

Canelo has been called out by multiple boxers and even MMA star Connor McCgreggor in regards to vacating his middleweight world title and avoiding a fight with Gennady Golovkin… But, does this make him a p*ssy? Watch the video below to find out what I’ve concluded thus far!

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09 Apr 2016

Haye: I’m Ending #LetsGoChamp

Yesterday at the Martin v Joshua public weigh-in at the o2 arena, Shannon Briggs and David Haye came face-to-face in what appeared to be a very uncomfortable and tense moment. [VIDEO]

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08 Apr 2016

Wladimir Klitschko is a PIE! [VIDEO] #FuryKlitschko

Today was the announcement of the Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko rematch taking place in Manchester, UK on July 9th. Watch the video to find out why I call Wladimir Klitschko a pie!

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06 Apr 2016

Is Charles Martin on Crack? [VIDEO] #MartinJoshua

As boxing fans from time to time we are just excited about the next potential big fight and on rare occasions like in this situation with Charles Martin defending his title against Anthony Joshua, we get handed a massive fight with no delay and no questions asked. The question is…Is Charles Martin on crack? Watch the video.

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04 Apr 2016

Nick Blackwell is Awake and Doing Just Fine!

On Saturday 26th March the ex-British middleweight champion suffered a bleed on the brain following his title defence fight with Chris Eubank Jr where he was later induced into a coma. It has just been announced that Blackwell is now awake and speaking.

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03 Apr 2016

Joshua Hits Back at Martin and Fury!

During the build up to the massive heavyweight title fight, Anthony Joshua has taken a lot of slack from both heavyweight champions Tyson Fury and Charles Martin. Fury has recently ripped the undefeated challenger in regards to his overall boxing ability and both champions have mentioned Joshua’s bodybuilding physique as if it’s a negative. Joshua finally hits back at both!

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02 Apr 2016

Kell Brook v Adrien Broner?

Adrien Broner got an easy victory last night when he defeated Ashley Theophane in a pretty one-sided fight although the stoppage was questionable. Today however, Kell Brook sent out a tweet in regards to a potential match up against Broner.

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01 Apr 2016

Joshua Looking Forward to Briggs Treatment!

A video discussion between Shannon Briggs and Eddie Hearn revealed that Anthony Joshua was a fan of Briggs and more recently, Joshua has come out and openly said that he is a fan and is expecting similar treatment that both Klitscho and Haye have received.

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31 Mar 2016

Mayweather Calls Broner a Snake!

Things seem to be going from bad to worse in between the so-called ‘brothers’ in boxing, Floyd Mayweather Jr and Adrien Broner as recently in an interview the retired pound-for-pound champion called Broner a ‘snake.’

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